SpongeBob Takes a Clean Sweep In This New Action Packed Trailer!

Vienna, Austria, August 12th, 2022: Are you ready, kids? I can't hear you! What could possibly go wrong if you leave wish-granting Mermaid's Tears in the hands of SpongeBob and Patrick? Absolutely nothing, right? Except for the very fabric holding the universe together coming undone and opening portals into wild Wishworlds. Piece of cake for our favorite sponge to handle! Taking care of monster snail Gary on a sugar rush, rescue Squidward "Squog" from a few cavemen - or should we say cavefish? - and did you hear the tiny crabs say "money, money"? No? Must be me then...

Watch the latest trailer on YouTube: https://youtu.be/QWnaOmSTxUg

SpongeBob returns to the screen in a new fantastic adventure! SpongeBob and Patrick are traveling to a multitude of different Wishworlds, each with its very own setting and rules, like the Wild West Jellyfish Fields or the Halloween Rock Bottom. Developed by Purple Lamp, who brought you Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated, embark on this brand-new 3D platformer, coming soon to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo® Switch.