I See the Tempest A-Rising: Playable Demo for Upcoming RTS Now Available!

Garland, TX, USA / Vienna, Austria, August 11th, 2023: Attention, Commander! Code Red situation! Dynasty Forces are mounting a substantial assault on our perimeter. This is a major attack, and we need to be on high alert. The newly released trailer for 3D Realm's upcoming real-time strategy game, Tempest Rising, offers a sneak peek into the intense and action-packed gameplay you can expect.

Check out the latest Trailer: https://youtu.be/D30riyE8ZmY

But that's not all, soldier! The time to act is NOW! The game is available for immediate deployment as of today, August 11th, and will remain accessible until Monday, August 28th, exclusively on the Steam platform. Take advantage of this crucial opportunity to immerse yourself in Tempest Rising!

Furthermore, we strongly recommend that while you're on Steam, you mark Tempest Rising as a priority by adding it to your wishlist. This will serve as a strategic directive, ensuring you stay informed about any critical updates and reinforcements for our operations. Move swiftly, and may victory be ours!

Tempest Rising is playable on Steam right now: http://thqn.net/tr-steam