Darksiders Warmastered Edition – Out Now on Consoles; Brand-New Release Trailer Online

Vienna, Austria - November 22, 2016: Today, THQ Nordic has released Darksiders Warmastered Edition - the remaster of the original first Darksiders game - on Sony’s PlayStation®4 and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system. Also, we have a brand new trailer here for you.

Watch YouTube Videohttps://youtu.be/Oopn-LwbltI

The PC version of the game will be released on November 29, while the Wii U version will follow at a later stage.

Buy the game here for Xbox One and PS4: http://n.thq.com/kUM9306pxjD

Darksiders Warmastered Edition is a remaster of the original Darksiders with hellish HD resolution (4K for PC and PS4) and 60 FPS!

About Darksiders:
Deceived by the forces of evil into prematurely bringing about the end of the world, War – the first Horseman of the Apocalypse – stands accused of breaking the sacred law by inciting a war between Heaven and Hell. In the slaughter that ensued, the demonic forces defeated the heavenly hosts and laid claim to the Earth. 

  • Apocalyptic Power – Unleash the wrath of War, combining brutal attacks and supernatural abilities to decimate all who stand in your way
  • Extreme Arsenal – Wield a devastating arsenal of angelic, demonic and Earthly weapons; and blaze a trail of destruction atop Ruin, War’s fiery phantom steed
  • Epic Quest – Battle across the wastelands and demon-infested dungeons of the decimated Earth in your quest for vengeance and redemption
  • Character Progression – Uncover powerful ancient relics, upgrade your weapons, unlock new abilities, and customize your gameplay style
  • Battle Heaven and Hell – Battle against all who stand in your way - from war-weary angelic forces to Hell’s hideous demon hordes