Aquanox Deep Descent August 2019 Update

Hello Everyone,

As we are sure you noticed, the development of Aquanox took quite a bit longer than we originally expected. We spent an enormous amount of time working on Aquanox, and it was a wild ride, chock full of surprises and challenges. 

We apologize for not properly communicating the many changes that presented themselves throughout development. We were laser focused on adding new content and polishing the game, and it often eclipsed our focus on making sure that everyone was kept up to date. For that, we are truly sorry.

We’d like to shed some light regarding what we accomplished in the past several months. To start, we collected your feedback, along with the feedback from focus testers, and with that, established the main areas of improvement.

  • It’s now possible to play and finish the entire game in co-op mode
  • We implemented a system which allows better communication of the combat challenges with the players. This ensures the Aquanauts are aware the the challenges they will face.
  • The ship classes in the game have been re-balanced so that they stand out in a more noticeable way from one another. We felt the initial differences were simply not enough. This includes The Recon, The Combat, and The Siege classes.
  • The overall speed of various ships has been adjusted in order to create an interesting, fun, and unique experience while driving them throughout the Aqua world.
  • We’ve spent a lot of time polishing and reworking large parts of the game world in order to make them more visually interesting. We did this by adding points of interest, caves to explore, and wrecks to salvage. The game world is now bigger, and more interesting for our players to explore!
  • We added variations to weapons by expanding the existing weapon classes. This includes EMP or Nanplankton field generators to further expand the arsenal the player has at his or her disposal. Now there are three times as many ways to destroy your enemies!
  • New exploration options have been added, including the options to salvage, or gather loot that has been scattered throughout the game world. We adjusted the balance so that those who spend time searching for shipwrecks or other things to salvage will have a more comfortable life than those who don’t. Aqua life is harsh!
  • Most of the SFX and VFX has been reworked as part of our polish pass, so that the game presents itself better, both visually and audibly.
  • A large part of the UI has been reworked to make it clearer, more readable, and easier to handle.
  • We added a lot of new Flora and Fauna, which includes a lot of polishing to our Nanofauna encounters

There are still several things we would like to address and fix, meaning we aren’t quite done working on the game yet. We will plan to further improve the game with a Day 1 patch.

Once again, we apologize for the recent lack of communication. We are planning correct it over the next several weeks.

We appreciate your patience throughout this process and your ongoing support,

The Aquanox Deep Descent Team