Wreckfest February Update is out now on all platforms


  • 2 free new tracks: Tribend Speedway and Thunderbow
  • PS4 Voice Chat added
  • Misc improvements & bugfixes


Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmh4j88agxk




  • Added two new tracks: Tribend (Speedway with 3 track variants) and Thunderbowl (Demolition Derby Arena).


  • (PS4) Added support for Voice Chat.
  • (PS4) Improved loading times by 15–25% depending on the case.
  • Parts of the vehicle no longer flicker when looking around in the cockpit view.


  • Fixed "Reset Effect" setting title and description being switched.


  • Digital clutch release is now not as penalizing when shifting sloppily.
  • First gear is now engaged during the race countdown, eliminating the unnecessary gear change when using automatic transmission and making the launch equal between fully automatic, manual and manual with clutch shifting modes.
  • When using shifting modes with automatic clutch, all cars now use the faster shifter profiles in order to make cars more equal.
  • Exhaust backfire effect now works correctly when using upgrades from the Steel & Wheels pack.
  • Improved Hornet model, engine and suspension.
  • Raiden RS is now slightly weaker and maxes out slightly earlier performance-wise.
  • Increased Rebelrat maximum performance points to make it more competitive.
  • Improved Raiden RS mudflaps and a number of other panels.
  • Added an upgrade part to remove the Raiden RS front panel.
  • Fixed an issue when Raiden RS materials turned partially black when a specific exhaust part was installed.
  • Fixed Raiden RS misconfigured locked differential.
  • Fixed Raiden RS grille causing a error when uninstalled.
  • Fixed Raiden RS lod model window pivot, causing the window to float above the car.
  • Fixed Vandal grille causing an error when uninstalled.
  • Fixed Vandal "Upright Side Headers" exhaust.
  • Fixed Vandal "Rallysport" tire upgrade.
  • Fixed Vandal "Hot Dog" prop name.
  • Vandal window glass now breaks correctly.
  • Vandal brake lights no longer break from hits to the side.


  • Improved positional audio.
  • Fixed missing Venom engine audio.
  • Improved engine audio volume balancing across different cars.
  • Stationary vehicles no longer repeatedly trigger the contact sound effect.