Wreckfest December Update


- New DLC: Racing Heroes Car Pack
- New tournament: Racing Heroes
- New free track: Eagles Peak Motorpark
- New free tournament reward bundles


Game version

PS4: 1.80
PC: 1.264871


- Added support for the DLC pack "Racing Heroes Car Pack" containing three new cars: Raven, Speedie, and Stellar.
- Added a new free track: Eagles Peak Motorpark with both forward and reverse layouts as well as a derby stadium.
  (Server admins note: the internal designations for the routes are fields13_1, fields13_1_rev and fields13_2.)


- New tournament season: Racing Heroes.
- New racing themed reward bundle "Rockfield" for Boomer RS.
- New racing themed reward bundle "BB Racing" for Nexus.
- Experience is now correctly awarded from "Rampage Rush" racing events.


- (XB1) Implemented a warning dialog whenever saving or loading save data results in a failure.
- (PC) Fixed a controller related crash that sometimes occurred.
- Fixed a bug which sometimes caused reward liveries to be lost when changing liveries.
- Implemented support for custom wheel controllers.


- Improved handling of the front-wheel drive cars.
- Firefly now shifts up correctly when using automatic gearing.
- Supervan suspension no longer glitches out in hard collisions.
- Sofa Car now receives damage correctly.


- (XB1) Vehicles no longer appear as "UNKNOWN" on leaderboards.
- (XB1) Leaderboards are now displayed correct in Custom Events.
- It's no longer possible to purchase upgrades for special vehicle loaners 
  (these upgrades are removed when exiting lobby, resulting in the player losing credits).
- Fixed overlap in the player list.