Way of the Hunter - Patch 1.25.2

Paid DLC:

  • Outfits Pack
    • An alternative cosmetic look for River, Jackie, April, Wallace, and Malachi (available in Story mode, Free Hunt, and Multiplayer)


  • More than 400 female taxidermy options on existing stands across all maps
  • Option to toggle on variable zoom on both binoculars for added comfort
  • Several new parking spots all across Nez Perce Valley and Transylvania
  • (PC) Option to switch between controller UI styles (Xbox/PlayStation 5 DualSense)


  • The range of Animal analysis with Hunter sense while using binoculars was increased to 350 meters
  • Improvements to the Sika deer model to better reflect its real-life counterpart
  • Hunting pressure was tuned to make flipping need zones from “Often” to “Rarely” more consistent
  • Visual tweaks to the Mountain goat claim screen model
  • Improvements to the placing of tripod stands on steep terrain


  • Wrong age range for Red deer in Encyclopedia
  • Mature females sometimes changing to young in the taxidermy list
  • Incorrect habitat specified in the shop thumbnail for Awa Nui Tops boundary pass (Matariki Park)
  • Treetops looking detached from the rest of the trees on low graphic quality settings
  • Sambar deer trophy in a diorama facing the wall
  • Aggressive culling/gene pool management resulting in a drop in fitness of animals in the relevant habitat
  • Respawning of killed Sambar deer from the mission “Back in the basement” (Matariki Park)
  • (PC) Inability to rebind keys to numbers on the numpad
  • “Unable to place tripod stand” message staying visible after fast travel
  • Tripod stand bag not glowing when placing the stand
  • Hunting log entries from midnight/early morning being listed as more recent than other entries from the same day
  • MP: Lack of fur pattern randomness on Feral goats and Feral pigs
  • MP: Client being able to place an unlimited number of tripod stands
  • MP: Tripod stand deployment notifications being visible for other players
  • Various minor localization issues
  • Various minor environmental issues in Matariki Park and Transylvania