Unveiling the Wider Picture: Your Path to Victory in Jagged Alliance 3

Sofia, Bulgaria / Vienna, Austria, June 14th, 2023: In Jagged Alliance 3, victory in battles is no guarantee of winning the war. Our tactical turn-based game demands more than just skillfully maneuvering your mercenaries in combat. Welcome to the world of the "Wider Picture", an essential aspect that may even surpass the battles themselves in importance.

In Jagged Alliance 3, you bear the responsibility not only for coordinating grenade throws and well-timed gunshots but also for the composition of your battlefield forces and their equipment. As the campaign to reclaim Grand Chien unfolds, you take charge of the entire operation. Your role extends beyond hiring and training mercenaries; you also train militia units once you've conquered one of the various sectors, the strategic map contains. Ensuring your soldiers' well-being becomes paramount as they require healing and equipment maintenance, gaining an edge in combat is also possible by dispatching scouts to nearby enemy strongholds.

It's crucial not to overlook the financial aspect. Sustaining your operations necessitates acquiring funds to cover expenses. This means conquering mines, seizing diamond transports, and employing strategic measures. Prepare yourself for Jagged Alliance 3's dynamic open-world campaign, a thrilling experience that demands your adaptability in response to your enemies' actions. Seize every opportunity to gain the upper hand and ultimately crush the legion!

Check the Wider Picture Trailer on YouTube: https://youtu.be/vU4EV0x-jn0

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