THQ Nordic establishes roots in South-East Asia

Singapore / Vienna, Austria, June 1, 2022: Hello, 你好, สวัสดี, Assalamualaikum, Kamusta and xin chào!

THQ Nordic has been officially incorporated in South-East Asia. Operating from its base in Singapore, the newly formed entity will be tasked with serving the region, specifically public relations, marketing, and securing of SEA content creator talent for THQ Nordic’s and HandyGames’ slate of games in the SEA region – these markets include Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

"Building on the success of our Japanese office, the next logical challenge to take on was entering the greater ASEAN region. With almost half of the world’s gamers located here, establishing a footprint poses not only a daunting challenge but a wholly exciting one as well. Plus and as always: our interest is long-term orientated, not just a quick pleasure” said Philipp Brock, Marketing Director of THQ Nordic.

“This region is one of big, open hearts and wonderful gaming fans. There is no better time than now to pick up our controllers, warm up our PCs and get to know this avid community,” said Managing Director of THQ Nordic Singapore Winson Lo.

The Singapore entity is THQ Nordic’s second subsidiary on the Asian continent, following the incorporation of THQ Nordic Japan KK in October 2019.

The Singapore team comprises key people with expertise to suit the ever-evolving landscape within SEA and beyond:

Winson Lo – Managing Director, more than 10 years of experience working in the games industry
Graeme Ching – SEA Social Media Manager, digital and integrated advertising expertise

Did you know? The official mascot of Singapore, the Merlion comprises a lion and a fish, representing Singapore’s indigenous names “Singapura – The Lion City” and Singapore's origin as a fishing village when it was called “Temasek – Sea Town”.

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