The Right Team for The Job: Can You Liberate Grand Chien in Jagged Alliance 3?

Sofia, Bulgaria / Vienna, Austria, August 12th, 2022: The nation of Grand Chien is in turmoil. The elected president has been kidnapped and his daughter, Emma LaFontaine, tries to rescue him - and the whole nation - with the help of experienced warriors and seasoned mercenaries. This is, where the players will take over: they have to set up a mercenary army, train local militia, and liberate Grand Chien sector by sector. You'll have to make sure to get enough resources and money, to keep your campaign going, provide your fighters with better equipment, and heal them, if needed.

Check out the latest trailer for Jagged Alliance 3:

Jagged Alliance 3 combines intense turn-based tactical combats with an overall strategic campaign and a lot of RPG elements. Your mercenaries will gain experience and learn new skills, they will find loot or craft new weapons, and exploration is also very important. Finding the best mercs for each job is critical - you'd rather have an explosive expert try to defuse that mine over there, instead of your doctor, right?