Ready to Rule The World? Grand-Strategy Game SuperPower 3 Announced

Sherbrooke, Canada / Vienna, Austria, September 17th 2021: SuperPower is tailor-made for all the megalomaniacs out there who are convinced they would do a much better job of running the world than the real-life leaders across the globe! In this grand-strategy game, set in the contemporary world, your goal is to lead your chosen nation to world domination or to master special scenarios. Wouldn't it be tempting to re-establish the British Empire? Players take control of the economy, politics, diplomacy, social development, military strategy, and more. If you ever wanted to become the ruler of the world, in SuperPower 3 for PC you can give it your best shot!

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  • Global theater of an accurate reproduction of the entire world including 194 playable countries
  • Expansive strategy and dozens of scenarios based on real-life events
  • Real data, analyzed and made for gameplay purposes
  • Character creation with almost every nationality, religion, and typical attire available in real life 
  • High replayability due to no official end to the game 
  • Mod friendly architecture to create your own unique scenarios