New Story Trailer For Historical RTS Last Train Home

Brno, Czech Republic / Vienna, Austria, August 4th, 2023: Yearning for home with a desperation that knows no bounds, the Czechoslovak Legionnaires crave one thing above all else - to finally set foot in their very own state, a place they shed blood, sweat, and tears for during the Great War. Their hearts ache to behold the faces of their families and friends, as they yearn to leave behind the desolate and unforgiving Siberian wilderness, along with the relentless turmoil of the Russian civil war.

Home is their sole beacon of hope, calling them back from the depths of despair.

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More about Last Train Home in the THQ Nordic Showcase

On August 11th, 21:00 CEST / 8 PM BST / 3 PM EDT / 12 PM PDT, the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2023 will be streamed via Twitch & YouTube. There will be news about Last Train Home and many other games! If you tune in at 20:45 CEST / 7:45 PM BST / 2:45 PM EDT / 11:45 AM PDT, you can watch the HandyGames Pre-Show! Check the official showcase homepage:

Last Train Home thrusts players into the grim aftermath of the First World War. As a commander of the Czechoslovak Legion, you'll find yourself trapped in the chaos of civil war in the heart of Russia. Aboard an armored train, you must venture into the unforgiving landscape of Siberia and safely bring your men back home.

In order to accurately represent the time period, the team partnered with the official Czechoslovak Legionary Community which has ancestors of actual legionnaires among their ranks and operates the so-called “Legiovlak,” a faithful replica of a legionary train from the period 1918-1920 complete with a locomotive, infantry car, workshop, kitchen, ambulance, artillery car and more. The team was able to use the Legiovlak when recording to accurately depict the time when Czechoslovak war operations were taking place on the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia.

Last Train Home is developed by Ashborne Games in Brno/Czech Republic and coming to PC. You can add the game to your wishlist here:

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