It's Coming Home: We Are Football Getting National Teams DLC Today 

Cologne, Germany / Vienna, Austria, November 14th, 2022: "Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win." - these are the words of famous British forward Gary Lineker - and he put them to rest after England kicked the Germans out of the last European Championship. Obviously, the Germans can't win anymore. Or can they? Find it out with the new DLC National Teams, coming to We Are Football today!

Check out the National Teams trailer on YouTube:

The new DLC will add international competitions such as the European and World Championships to the game, along with many other features around these events. Before starting a new game, you can choose to become the coach of one more than 90 national teams - both women's and men's squads, of course. The DLC will be available at an SRP of $ 9.99 / € 9.99 / £ 8.50.

What a save!
To celebrate the launch of the new DLC National Teams, We Are Football will get a 60% discount, while the DLC will also receive a launch discount. Plus there will be a bundle discount. Check it out here:  

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  • Can I continue my current playthrough after starting the nations DLC?
    To access the features of the DLC, you'll have to start a new game
  • Can I replay the world championship 2022?
    Yes, absolutely!
  • Which nations are included in the DLC?
    More than 40 nations in Europe plus more than 50 of the best nations from other continents
  • Can I be the trainer of a club and a national team simultaneously?
    Yes, you can choose to manage both or just one of them, up to you
  • Are there any changes regarding the base game?
    At this point only some bug fixes, but future updates might introduce them
  • Will the DLC include official player names?
    No, the DLC will add World Cups and European Cups, national teams, and many new features to the game. But all player names and data can be modified with the included editor.