Apparently, We didn't F*** It Up! Here's Jagged Alliance 3's Accolades Trailer - and the Demo!

Sofia, Bulgaria / Vienna, Austria, July 27th, 2023: Two weeks ago, Jagged Alliance 3 burst onto the gaming scene, captivating the hearts of thousands of players eager to embark on the mission to free Grand Chien. Haemimont Games and THQ Nordic are beaming with pride and relief as it seems we have struck the perfect chord. An impressive 84% of Steam-Reviews as of July 20th reflect the positive reception, and the game has garnered critical acclaim with an outstanding 81 on Watch the accolades trailer:!

We've been absolutely delighted to witness hundreds of content creators taking on the challenge of mastering the game and are overwhelmed by the positive feedback pouring in from players across various channels. We want to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude: Thank you to everyone who has already delved into the world of Jagged Alliance 3!

For those who haven't yet, we're excited to announce the availability of a free playable demo on Steam. This demo will allow players to explore Ernie Island, the starting region of the game.
Check out the Demo:

Once again, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated players and supporters. Your enthusiasm and encouragement fuel our passion to continue delivering extraordinary gaming experiences. Let's join forces on this thrilling adventure in Jagged Alliance 3!

Check out the accolades trailer to see, what the press thinks about the game:
Download the assets:

Jagged Alliance 3 is now available for PC at an SRP of $ 44.99 / € 44.99 / 39.99 £.

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