Community & Social Media Manager, Foxglove Studios, Sweden

We’re building awesome games and are searching for a friendly and communicative person
to interact with our players and fans. As an established development studio and a growing
publisher, we are looking for someone who will gather our players and fans online, acting
both as their champion and an advocate for us; the development and publishing teams.
In this job, you will not only be expected to be passionate and personal when interfacing with
our fans and players, but also thoughtful and organized when planning our social media
presence and executing those strategies to achieve ever growing exposure and
We're a little different here. Our environment is one in which we treat each person as a
responsible adult. Everyone has a large degree of responsibility and freedom when
performing their tasks. The result is a small team of experienced game developers. We
expect that you will not only have amazing skills in your particular area but that you will also
be a solid member of the studio. We need you to care not just about community and social
media management, but the games as a whole, the team you are part of, and ultimately the
wellbeing of the studio. We expect vision, proactivity, and initiative from you, not to mention
tons of great ideas!
You need to be extremely well-versed with social media with a proven track record of
building and managing successful profiles (personal as well as brands). We also expect you
to be tactful and engaging in communication with others, to be a wordsmith with a great flair
for the English language.

Your responsibilities will include the following:
● Building online communities of our users and fans using a variety of social media
● Be a leader within our user communities: help newcomers while also keeping pace
with experienced players, tease upcoming content and updates, create a lively and
vibrant community that attracts even more members
● Form a strong bond to the development and publishing teams: keep in touch with
ongoing development so that you know which features are being worked on, also
provide dev teams with streamlined user feedback and requests, so that the dev
teams know what their users want.
● Come up with ideas for viral campaigns, including but not restricted to contests,
challenges, giveaways, sneak peeks etc., taking full responsibility for them including:
setting their timing and schedules, executing them from inception through
completion, and actively working to improve future iterations through post-mortems.
● Create comprehensive strategies for short-, mid- as well as long-term social media
management. Set your own goals, determine ways to measure your success and
devise strategies to meet those.
● Act as yourself within user communities
● Act as the brand on social media

What do we offer?
● Unique company culture: we’re a small, very friendly group of experienced pros with
a flat hierarchy, all working from different places in the world
● We don’t have a physical office so you’ll be able to work from anywhere you like, as
long as you’ll have room for concentration and an internet connection there!
● Regular face-to-face meetings in various countries around the world so that we can
work and hang out in the real world as well, not just virtual
● A large degree of agency and independence allowing for ambition and creativity
● No-nonsense processes - though we are ambitious and organized, the small team
size helps us to keep things informal

Please send your application and CV to