It's Time for A New RTS Era: Announcing Tempest Rising

Aalborg, Denmark / Vienna, Austria, August 12th, 2022: Don't you miss those classic RTS games from the 90's and 2000's? Games where you control dozens of interesting units, all with their distinct strengths and weaknesses, and it was your job to mix them together to form an unstoppable army. Games, where you built a base, chose the perfect layout to combine efficiency and easy-to-defend parameters. Games, where everything was happening in the blink of an eye: Harvester under attack, not enough resources, enemy approaching, your jets delivering some bombs to your opponents ...
Well, THQ Nordic and Slipgate Ironworks really miss those kind of games, that's why we are happy and proud to announce Tempest Rising - the game, that will offer everything of the above and much more - multiplayer matches, story campaigns, asymmetrically balanced factions ... here's the announcement trailer for Tempest Rising, coming to PC soon™

Watch the announcement trailer on YouTube:
Tempest Rising on Steam: